Ricetaurant revised

September 25, 2011

Returning to Ricetaurant for grainy goodness' sake. Earlier entry: May 20.

Ricetaurant recently held a Facebook contest for fans to suggest new items for its menu. One of the shortlisted finalists: Chinese olive & seafood fried rice. Not bad, though a little more 'wok hei' & larger slices of seafood might make it better.

There are now dozens of rice dishes available here, including daily specials such as Tuesday's treat: "oyakodon," a Japanese recipe of chicken, onions & egg on rice. Soft, steaming-hot soul food, but it can seem a bit bland after a few bites.

Teochew porridge. Pales in comparison to traditional versions, since Ricetaurant is pork-free, but the condiments are still fairly flavorsome, partnering well with the super-smooth porridge.

Rice haters, never fear. Order the egg floss butter prawns instead _ absolutely addictive, despite being rather greasy.

Stir-fried chive flowers with minced chicken. Obligatory greens, surprisingly tasty.

Ricetaurant has not much in terms of dessert, so hop downstairs to Bistro42 for your sugar fix. The parade of pleasures here includes a creamy almond butter tea cake.

Crepe suzette cake, reminiscent of mille crepe, but with a citrus twist.

Customers at both Ricetaurant and Canoodling next door can order cocktails from Bistro42 downstairs: Green Tea Gimlet (gin, green tea, lemon juice) & Red Berry Blast (red wine, strawberries, lemon juice, sugar, soda water).

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