Rice Cafe @ Bangsar

September 20, 2009

A peaceful place to enjoy dinner, just a short stroll away from the relative bustle of Telawi. The local offerings here are satisfying, though not outstanding. But the warm service and comfortable setting are bonuses.

Fish head noodles. Heartily packed with beehoon, tomatoes and chunks of fresh fish. If only the broth had been thicker and more flavourful, we would highly recommend this.

The nasi lemak was more successful. The rice was fragrant and well-cooked, complemented perfectly by the customary array of sambal, fried chicken and other tidbits.

The assam laksa is worthwhile if you prefer the soup sweet rather than sour.

We ordered a bunch of side dishes. The fried chicken was pretty addictive, thanks to the crisp skin and excellent blend of spices. Could have been more tender though.

Some of these orders were a bit too safe/boring, but you can't go wrong with Nestum prawns. We probably gobbled up every piece within minutes.

The fried calamari was competently prepared. Not a hint of excess oil.

The marmite chicken was rather salty, but that should have been expected.

The prawn fritters were reasonably tasty but not really memorable.

Long beans, brinjal and petai. One of the yummiest veggie combos possible.

Rice Cafe,
Lorong Maarof.