October 27, 2010

'Reminisce' is one of my favorite words _ a suitably evocative name for this restaurant, which serves Chinese street food in an eccentric but stylish setting adorned with old knickknacks.

Fried glutinous rice, "pasar malam"-style. Packed with tiny bits of pork, but somehow, this turned out to be slightly less fragrant and flavorsome than expected.

Toasted bun with bak-kwa, meat floss & egg. A sensationally savory combo; laden with enough salt & grease to horrify most doctors, but we still licked our fingers clean.

Carrot cake with salted egg, bean sprouts, Chinese sausage & belacan. Wok-fried, but not completely wok-heied. Nevertheless, not a bad effort for a shopping mall outlet.

"Pan mee" soup. Probably the first "pan mee" we've had all year. This won't convert us into fans, but we loved _ absolutely adored _ the super-juicy pork balls, stuffed with some kind of melt-in-the-mouth meaty mixture.

Bee hoon in herbal soup with stewed duck drumstick. Something that I really relished back when I was studying in Penang (though I bet the night-time stall that we once frequented is gone by now). This wasn't the same, of course; the soup could've had a richer herbal flavor, but it still provided a nice taste of nostalgia.

Red bean soup. Warm and thick; reminiscent of how my aunt used to make it in my hometown of Malacca. See: Reminisce lived up to its name after all.

Set meals (which cost between 10-16 ringgit) come with a drink of the day. No prizes whatsoever for guessing what we had that evening.

Mid Valley Megamall.