October 30, 2010

This no-frills cafe, with very friendly service, is part of Empire Subang's Lifestyle Experiential Center (LeX), an electronics store.

The center is best-known for the "LeX Slide," a five-story-high spiral slide that whooshes customers 50 meters down from the mall's top floor to its lowest level.

This 15-ringgit thrill ride takes less than 10 seconds; it's lots of fun but reasonably tame _ nowhere near as harrowing as a roller coaster.

Back to Re:LeX. Malaccan chicken rice balls are a highlight here. A bit less fresh-tasting and flavorsome than the ones back in my hometown, but still satisfactory.

Chocolate chip cookies. Crisp, but kinda lacking in chocolatey richness.

Apple crumble. Warm bites of squishy comfort food for people with a sweet tooth.

Moist, creamy cheese cake. To be safe, we ate these only AFTER we went on the slide.

Re:LeX Cafe,
Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.