Rasa Timur @ Chulan Square

August 19, 2009

We always have trouble remembering which one is nasi kerabu and which one is nasi dagang. Here's hoping this entry will help them stick in our memory.

Rasa Timur's one-sheet menu focuses on traditional Malay rice and noodle dishes.
Their nasi kerabu failed to impress. The blue-tinted rice with grated coconut, ulam and sambal tasted sterile, like it came out of a shopping mall food court. The fish crackers were satisfying though; addictively crunchy and not oily.

The nasi dagang fared better. The rice steamed in coconut milk was piping-hot, moist but firm, perfectly complementing the fish curry and pickled veggies.

Best of all was the ayam goreng kampung. Tender, flavourful kampung chicken, freshly fried on order. Worth returning here simply for this.

Rasa Timur,
Chulan Square.