Pyongyang Restaurant @ Ampang

June 1, 2009

Billed as KL's only North Korean restaurant, Pyongyang offers nightly performances with Korean waitresses singing, dancing and playing musical instruments (one lass even crooned Memory from Cats).

Having dinner here was stressful because the staff sought to prevent us from taking photographs. We were even barred from writing down what we had ordered from the menu. So all these pictures had to be shot surreptitiously.

Salad of raw bellflower roots. Definitely an acquired taste. Chewy and extremely salty. We really, really tried to finish this, but we couldn't.

Flavourful fish soup. Too much pepper, but the fish tasted nice and fresh.

Sea urchin eggs. Also incredibly salty. Kinda tasted like salmon roe.

Iced noodles. I liked this, but my friend did not. The gelatinous noodles were bland on their own, but they went very well with the the pork, egg and other ingredients in the soup.

Pyongyang Restaurant,
Lorong Palas, Off Jalan Ampang.