Puchong Lim

January 27, 2010

Incredibly tricky to find, this place is too grubby to recommend for its ambiance, but it's worth the hunt if you're curious about exotic meat.

"Ular menyusur akar tak akan hilang bisanya." Snake meat broth. Nutritious-tasting; the meat was stringy but provided a uniquely sweet scent to the soup.

"Bagai anjing dengan bayang-bayang." Dog stew. Dunno what kind of pup was used, but it was palatable, despite a strong flavour reminiscent of mutton.

"Kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan." Monkey stew. Tasted like pork, except that it was really bony. Or maybe it was a skinny monkey.

"Ada musang berbulu ayam." Civet stew. Our least favorite item. Rather gamy; some parts even tasted foul.

"Kura-kura di kaki ditinggalkan, burung terbang dikejar." Soft-shell turtle stew. Loved the gelatinous bits, which reminded us of fatty pork slices.

We ordered toddy to go with the food, but hated it.

Puchong Lim,
Kampung Baru Batu 14, Puchong.