Pork Victorious @ Verona Trattoria

January 27, 2012

When Verona Trattoria opened last month, pork was a no-show. But the call of the hog is unconquerable; now, the savory scent of porcine entrees permeates this outlet.
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Parma ham, usually served here with rock melon, but the kitchen ran out that evening & rested the prosciutto on a simple salad instead. Great to get the gustatory juices going.

Spaghetti aglio olio with fried pork belly. A minimal-fuss recipe, nicely executed. Pasta & protein make for perfect partners.

Roasted pork loin with orange sauce. Not the most tender cut, but ideal for a low-fat meal. Could even work for Chinese New Year festivities, thanks to the citrus twist.

Braised pork ribs, a sacrament of succulence, drenched in deliciously meaty gravy. With so many contenders jostling for the accolade of the Klang Valley's best ribs, Verona Trattoria's can't win, but it's in the Top 50.

Can't take pork? No fear; hop next door to Bistro a Table for Chef Isadora's latest.

Tian of char-grilled prawns _ big, bouncy crustaceans, with pomegranate for a tannic tang & avocado for a velveteen-rich creaminess.

Veal sweetbread with poached duck egg salad. We love sweetbread & we adore egg, but we very rarely experience the two together. A heavenly combo.

Baked onion with black autumn truffles, organic egg & Gruyere cheese. A robust, rustic recipe, employing ingredients with a soil-bound power to harness the rich flavors of nature.

Wrapping up with wine, finally available at Verona Trattoria at prices starting from RM80.

Verona Trattoria & Bistro a Table,
Section 17, Petaling Jaya.