Poco Zakka

September 14, 2011

After more than a year of cultivating a faithful following in Bangsar, Poco has opened its second branch, catering to a potentially larger crowd at Sunway Giza.

The menu here is more expansive (but NOT more expensive), featuring everything from sashimi to soba. The Poco Maki house specialty is not a bad sushi roll, with lots of teriyaki eel, tempura prawn & mango, though not extraordinary either.

Desserts are intriguing, but not entirely successful. The Italian-influenced white chocolate semifreddo with balsamic-laced strawberry is an acquired taste, with the sugary milkiness of the ice cream cake clashing with the tart, acidic fruit.

Mascarpone cheese with rum-soaked raisins, pistachios & dark chocolate. Sweetly flavorsome, with some nice texture from the fruit & nuts, but the cheese could be less frosty and powdery.

The safest bets: green tea & black sesame ice cream.

Kumquat & grape wheat black teas, both with aloe vera & flower seeds.

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Poco Zakka & Kitchen,
Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara.