Pietro @ Damansara Endah

November 21, 2011

After a flurry of new Italian eateries stormed KL in 2009 & 2010, fewer have opened this year. Pietro is the latest entry to our city's spaghetti scene, but so far, it hasn't scaled the same heights as Il Lido, Garibaldi & Favola.

Pietro is handsomely fitted, occupying two floors of the ECM Libra Building, with a hard-working service team. But its menu feels pedestrian, offering too few thrills to warrant repeat visits.

Our meal began promisingly: warm, fluffy bread with a thick, savory olive dip.

Spicy seafood soup, brimming with Venus clams, prawns, scallops & mussels. Would have been commendable if the clams had not tasted past their prime.

Cappellini al aragosta, with slipper lobster, sun-dried tomatoes, chili & white wine sauce. Competently prepared, but we shouldn't expect less of pasta that costs upward of RM40.

Roasted wild barramundi. A complaint: numerous items on Pietro's menu were unavailable. Even this was supposed to come with saffron broth & barley, but those were replaced with Mediterranean veggies & potatoes. A shame; this nice slab of fish would shine in a better recipe.

Red & white Sangrias. Fairly cheap at about RM20 each, though less forgiving patrons might liken the wine in these beverages to vinegar.

So what gives? Maybe we ordered the wrong items; maybe we should return in a month to let Pietro find its footing.

Pietro could potentially be a worthwhile outlet, but if first impressions count, it's kinda like the blind date that starts well before becoming less exciting as the evening progresses.

Pietro Ristorante Italiano,
Bangunan ECM Libra, Jalan Damansara Endah,
Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2093-6433

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