Petit Sucre

September 18, 2011

Slaves to sugar should be set free to frolic in KLCC's Isetan FoodMarket, where independent stalls have started selling Japanese & French-themed desserts.

The highlight could be Petit Sucre, an offshoot of Levain Boulangerie. The piece de resistance here is the Ouef Brulee, one of the most gorgeously packaged desserts we've seen this year. Essentially soft, smooth creme brulee in an "egg shell" made of thick glass.

Another worthwhile kiosk: Bites Quickie by Bites Factory, specializing in tiny treats for folks who want to avoid over-indulging. Its unique creations include the Twisted Mille Crepe (rolled crepe with raspberry jam & creme patisserie) & Mont Midori (pureed sweet potato & whipped cream set on a sponge cake).

Kids might be drawn to Milkkan's booth for a freshly made Japanese crepe, filled with kiwifruit & chocolate cream and served in a cardboard cone for convenient snacking.

Also from Milkkan: green tea & passion fruit soft-serve ice cream. Both seemed rather healthy, reminiscent of frozen yogurt, with natural-tasting flavors & not much sugar.

Petit Sucre, Bites Quickie & Milkkan,
Isetan Food Market, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.