September 30, 2010

Sheraton Imperial's lounge is perfectly peaceful during the day, but don't come here after 9pm, since that's when a raucous live band makes conversation impossible.

Pavilions serves finger food that's slightly more creative than expected _ though that excludes these packets of peanuts & honey almonds.

Skip the oysters; they completely lacked the sweetness and succulence associated with truly good ones. These were likely brought over from the hotel's buffet restaurant. Served here with baby cress wholemeal sandwiches.

Corn chips with guacamole & tomato salsa. Forgettable.

Honey-glazed chicken wings stuffed with sticky rice & mushrooms. Nicely done; the meat would have been tender and juicy enough on its own, but the rice made it texturally interesting, while the earthy mushrooms boosted the flavor a few notches.

Duck & sweet potato curry puffs. More stuffing and less crust might improve this (even though the filling tasted bland and not as unique as it sounded). The plus point is that these seemed healthier and less greasy than regular curry puffs.

Minced prawn & scallop skewers. A chunky, meaty treat of fresh-tasting seafood. Accompanied by 'wasabi lotion' that packed a powerful punch.

During happy hours, it's buy one, free one for glasses of the house wine.

Imperial Martini & Lychee On A Stick (bombay sapphire, lychee, wild strawberries).

Banana Margarita & Spicy Madagascar Margarita. Cocktails here are worthwhile.

Pavilions Lounge,
Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.