Paratha & Co

April 8, 2012

Paratha gets the fusion treatment at this Empire Shopping Gallery kiosk, with fun results.

A remarkable range of fillings is offered, from savory selections like tuna or tom yum chicken to saccharine ones like Kinder Bueno & Kit Kat candy or kaya with peanuts. Make your pick & watch your flat bread sizzle on order.

We risked a combo of chocolate & cheese, with a splash of garlic oil (!). The sugary-salty blend worked better than expected, with a pleasantly sticky-creamy texture. Even the scent of garlic was a nice touch, leaving a somewhat smoky aftertaste.

Folded & wrapped up in a paper holder, it's a convenient snack to munch on the go. Won't take more than five minutes to make if there isn't a long line waiting.

Seeking more sweets, we walked over to Bangkok Beat Bistro for dessert.
Main entry on Bangkok Beat Bistro: March 30, 2012.

Red ruby "thap thim krop" with coconut ice cream, appetizingly cold.

Banana tempura with hot caramel sauce, alluringly hot.

Fresh coconut juice & blended coconut smoothie.

Neither Paratha & Co nor Bangkok Beat Bistro serves booze, but La Bodega on this floor saves the night!

Beluga "Noble" Russian Vodka _ Classic & Gold Line.

Choc Orange Martini (Absolut Mandarin, creme de cacao, Cointreau) & Banana-Fig-Flax Seed smoothie (a little yummier than expected!).

Paratha & Co, Bangkok Beat Bistro & La Bodega,
Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.