Paradise Inn

December 14, 2011

The Singaporean invasion intensifies; our neighboring city-state has strengthened its foothold in the Klang Valley, launching Paradise Inn this month at Sunway Pyramid.

Befitting of Singapore's Paradise Group of restaurants, Chinese comfort food is this Inn's culinary cornerstone. Build the foundation of a fine meal here with some steamed minced pork (RM18+), laced with water chestnuts for extra texture & salted egg yolk for enhanced flavor.

Doubled-boiled sea whelk soup with spare ribs & yam (RM39.90+ per pot). The menu lists a host of health benefits for this broth: it improves the eyesight, maintains youthfulness & nourishes the lungs & kidneys. Taste-wise though, it's slightly too gamy for our liking.

Steamed "song" fish head with spicy bean sauce & crispy pork lard (RM29.90+). Expect to pay Malaysian prices here, not Singaporean (phew!). A meal for four could easily cost less than RM150 _ reasonable, considering the satisfactory quality of ingredients.

Poached Chinese spinach with a trio of eggs & minced pork in superior soup (RM16+). Quintessentially Oriental; Paradise Inn's forte consists of familiar favorites that feel like they could be cooked at home or served at a friendly neighborhood restaurant.

Braised vermicelli with pork trotters (RM19.90+). Carbs, protein & so much fat _ an axis of evil, tempting our taste buds while making our waistlines ever wider. Resistance is futile indeed.

Fried rice with Chinese sausages (RM16+). While we await Chinese New Year's 'lap mei fan,' this will do very nicely. The most well-executed fried rice recipe we've had in months.

Wine is unavailable at Paradise Inn, but that's OK. Just hop over to Jusco's supermarket & buy a bottle (or two! or gasp _ even three!).

No wine glasses are supplied, but on the very bright side, there's no corkage charge either.

Paradise Inn @ Sunway Pyramid,
OB3, LG1.7 & LG1.8 (near Jusco & Starbucks),
Oasis Boulevard, West Wing, Sunway Pyramid.
Tel: 03-5637-8822