Ozeki Tokyo

February 27, 2011

One of my longtime favorite haunts in KL, though my visits here have become infrequent in recent years as Japanese restaurants run rampant across the city.

Ozeki features one of the most extensive menus ever, with a remarkable range of both traditional recipes and avant-garde delicacies that make repeat visits essential.

The nigiri sushi platter is worth a splurge, comprising a top-notch harvest from the ocean, including sea urchin, clams, shrimp and all the fish we could want.

Futomaki, stuffed with 16 ingredients. A jaw-dropping creation, mouth-wateringly tasty. Recommended for anyone who complains that other restaurants are too stingy with their maki roll ingredients.

Battera sushi (Osaka-style pressed sushi with marinated mackerel). A throwback to how sushi was prepared in parts of Japan decades ago. Might not be for everyone though; the mackerel tastes pretty fishy and vinegary, with a whole lotta rice in each piece.

Pan-fried grilled Kobe beef roll. Succulent meat, several notches above regular beef.

Of course, customers can order fresh-tasting raw fish without rice. Highlights include mekajiki toro sashimi (big-eyed tuna) & bachimaguro akami (regular tuna).

Yuzu sorbet _ a refreshing treat, laced with tiny bits of citrus fruit _ & chocolate chili ice cream (too much spice overwhelmed the chocolate flavor).

Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine,
Menara TA One, Jalan P Ramlee.