January 6, 2011

Desperate for cocktails in Damansara Uptown? Ovo might be our only hope.

But OK, food first. The menu here offers a mixed bag of Western and Japanese favorites, though we opted strictly for the latter. This smoked marinated butterfish was excellent, with a nectarous taste and meaty texture that reminded us of pork char siew, miraculously.

Crab stick & tobiko salad. Also recommended, with lots of crisp leaves and nuts.

Don't skip the freshly shucked oysters, flown in from Washington state. A juicy, briny delight. Ovo will organize a two-hour Washington oyster & Guinness buffet on Jan. 14 for RM168++ per person _ kinda pricey, but these babies are worth it.

Soft-shell crab, crab stick & tobiko maki. Ovo's various rolls are not bad, but unexceptional. Similar to what Sakae Sushi might serve.

Unagi & avocado maki. The food takes rather long to prepare, so patience is essential.

High Voltage (whisky, triple sec, cranberry juice, soda) & Frozen Irish (vodka, bailey's, kahlua, vanilla ice cream). Could be more potent, but acceptable for RM18++.

Inventive mocktails are also available. Love Is Blind (orange syrup, egg yolk) & Love Is In The Air (snow creamer, green apple syrup, yogurt syrup).

Ovo Live Bistro,
Uptown 2, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7725-2288