Osteria RealBlue

March 5, 2011

Osteria RealBlue: Round Two. Earlier entry: January 12, 2010.

Returning here a year after our first visit in 2010, it was reassuring to see that standards remain high _ the same husband-&-wife team from Bologna still runs Osteria RealBlue, offering unique specialties like this scrumptious cold cut platter of venison ham, venison salami, beef bresaola & goose salami, all flown in from Italy.

Warm polenta with mushrooms. This finely ground yellow cornmeal might work better as a side dish instead of a main course; it boasts a soft, comfort foodish texture for effortless eating, but isn't incredibly flavorsome.

Homemade tagliatelle with 12-year aged balsamic & smoked duck. Recommended for customers who wouldn't mind a moderately sweet sauce clinging to every inch of their pasta.

Black truffle risotto with pancetta. Rustic-looking and aromatic, with the earthy scent of truffles pervading every grain.

Steak fiorentine. A monster of a T-bone, cooked somewhere between rare and medium-rare. Some parts were very chewy, but the rich, full-bodied meatiness made up for that.

Tiramisu, soaked with Armagnac. A paradox in a glass: deliciously light, but decadently creamy. Desserts are made fresh in-house, never stored for too long.

Profiteroles with chocolate sauce & brandy. A splash of booze makes any dessert better.

Placido Chianti (2007). A fair list of Italian and French wines is available.

Complimentary black sambuca provided a nice kick to round up the meal.

Osteria Real Blue,
Solaris Dutamas.
Tel/Fax: 03-6207-9799.
Closed Mondays.