Orang Belanda Cafe @ Heeren Street, Malacca

August 24, 2013

Thank heaven for tourists; thats how eateries like Malaccas Orang Belanda Cafe thrive.

Orang Belandas name & facade strive to capitalize on Malaccas Dutch-colonial background, but the cafes interior features a markedly more contemporary edginess.

The menu evokes memories of Amsterdam; this pork bacon pannekoek (RM16 before taxes) is topped with savory-juicy strips of near-perfect smoked meat, but the pancake itself is somewhat spongy-starchy.

Crepe with Nutella & whipped cream (RM12), perhaps a bit too bland. Could probably use a thicker slathering of the hazelnut-chocolate spread.

Cinnamon-laced coffee. Nice enough, though maybe a cold version of this should also be offered to refresh customers on sweltering afternoons.

Hot chocolate (RM6.50), made with full cream & Van Houten Dutch cocoa.

Orang Belanda Art Cafe,
32, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka.