March 24, 2012

Well-prepared Malaysian favorites are what Onde-Onde promises & delivers.

Fresh, crisp toast with butter & duck egg kaya. Would be even more enjoyable if they'd slather more of the rich kaya on the bread.

Curry chee cheong fan. Simple & satisfying; no frills, only a fulfilling, familiar feel.

Cincalok omelet. Can't complain about this; if you think you'll like it, you likely will.

Nasi lemak with chicken rendang. The rice could be more aromatic, but its accompaniments help to punch up the flavor. Good enough, ultimately.

Can't leave Onde-Onde without trying the onde-onde, right? Sweet.

Liquor is unavailable, so head upstairs to Amelio for a splash of Savanna beer.
Main entry on Amelio @ Desa Park City: February 20.

Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur.