Olive Lounge @ Pacific Regency Hotel Suites

May 23, 2010

A sedate, intimate lounge on Pan Regency's 23rd floor, where customers might find themselves entertained by either a live jazz band or piped radio music from LiteFM.

A pool table is available, but thankfully, the patrons here rarely seem raucous.

Tomato & basil arancini, with mozzarella & aioli. A bit too bland to recommend; the rice grains inside the balls were rather mushy and gluey.

Beef burger with mango chutney, fried egg, rocket, onion, cheese & tomato. Left no lasting impression. Just not the most flavourful or most succulent burger in town.

Grilled mushroom risotto with rocket salad & goat cheese. Nothing wrong with this per se, but it was a reminder that if we crave a really rich, creamy risotto, it's best to head to the tried-and-tested Italian restaurants instead.

Long Island Iced Tea & White Russian.

Olive Lounge,
Pacific Regency Hotel Suites,
Menara Pan Global, Jalan Punchak.