Old Palace @ Hartamas

December 24, 2012

Old Palace occupies an obscure spot on Hartamas' sleaziest backstreet, but its interesting ideas _ Korean tapas and a wine buffet _ make it worth a stop.

Go chu jang pork ribs, braised with soju, ginseng, ketchup and chili (about RM28). Succulent but somewhat too sour-spicy for our liking. Matter of preference.

Seaweed-wrapped fried dumplings stuffed with kimchi (RM12). Crisp, though customers who crave a full-blown fermented flavor might not feel fulfilled.

Chicken bulgogi skewers (RM12), pan-fried in a house-made, sweet-savory soy sauce mix.

Rice cakes rolled with pork bacon (RM15). Chewy-salty fun.

Squid-and-veggie fritters (RM10). A basic menu for now, but it'll be cool to watch whether this concept takes flight in the near future.

What should be a bona fide hit: the wine buffet, RM60+ for as much as a customer can imbibe within five hours starting six p.m., except Sundays (call to confirm).

Whites: Frontera and Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blancs and Linderman's Semillion Chardonnay.

Reds: Concha Y Toro Merlot, Oxford Landing Shiraz and Linderman's Shiraz Cabernet.

Old Palace Fine Food and Wine,
12, Jalan 22/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6206-2686