February 8, 2012

As any fan of "Lilo & Stitch" can inform you, Ohana means "family" _ the perfect name for this commendably friendly outlet, where a Hawaiian theme takes center stage in the setting.

The type of salad that an island resort might serve, featuring roast chicken with tomatoes, capsicum, lettuce & mayonnaise dressing. Forgettable, without the extra spark to elevate it.

Can't fault the burger, which comprised a meaty beef patty with all the typical toppings, but can't praise it much either, since there are more satisfying ones elsewhere.

Skip the cliched chicken-&-pineapple pizzas & say aloha to this one instead, topped with salmon & black olives. Yummier than expected, with a perfectly crisp thin crust & a zesty tomato sauce that tasted fresh instead of artificial.

No wine is sold (since this outlet caters mainly to students), but beer is available.

Passion fruit green tea & hazelnut chocolate frappes. Could be richer & creamier.

Customers can laze outside with a sweeping view of Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

The Boardwalk, Taylor's Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya.