Niji Japanese Restaurant @ KLGCC

May 30, 2013

Cocooned within Bukit Kiaras country club, Niji serves a sparkling spread of specialties.

The food here is reasonably priced for an upscale restaurant. This sushi platter costs RM80, which might not seem super-cheap, but the selection of raw fish and seafood tastes fresh enough to recommend.

Aussie Crystal Bay prawns from Queensland, served sashimi-style. Lovably luscious; a recipe like this begs the question: why bother even cooking prawns, ever?

Salmon roe with radish. A refreshing starter, packing a potent punch of flavor.

Codfish grilled in cod roe mayo. Our favorite; the fish alone would be satisfyingly succulent, but the mentaiko lifts it to creamier heights.

Boiled Japanese abalone. Addictive; rife with juicy abalone slices in a nutty gravy.

Rolled sushi with plum sauce. Skip this one; the paste tastes overpoweringly strong.

Grilled mackerel. Not as fishy as we might fear; one of the better saba preparations in KL, thanks to its moist, meaty texture.

Seafood tempura. Expertly prepared, boasting light, fluffy batter.

Miso soup to wrap up a nice meal, worth the effort of searching for a spot at the visitors car park outside the club compound and walking inside to reach the restaurant.

Potato, wheat and rice shochu.

Kimoto Tsukiri sake.

Niji Japanese Restaurant,
Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club.