New York New York

April 17, 2009

Toxic reviews have plagued this place ever since it opened. So we braced ourselves for the worst ... but guess what? We actually enjoyed our meal here.

Cape-Style Fish & Chips. Not bad at all. The batter was flawless, providing a crisp bite that complemented the fresh, tender dory.

Juicy Burger Supreme, which the menu described as a "to-kill-for burger." Rather enjoyable. A mushy, greasy, guilty pleasure.

Fried Mars candy bars with ice cream. Super sinful. I've always loved Mars, so this was an intriguing treat. Not sure I'd order it again, but it's worth trying.

Ultra-Rich Chocolate Velvet with marshmallows & cream (made of dark and white chocolate, this was a sensationally satisfying drink!) and green tea.

New York New York,
1 Utama.