Neo @ Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur revised

September 20, 2007

After months of heated anticipation, Neo has finally opened, perched beside Tamarind Hill overlooking Jalan Sultan Ismail. There's nowhere else quite like this in the heart of the city.

It seems somewhat stark and spartan for now, but it's still an impressive space with the potential to become a major hotspot if it plays its cards right.

The food is unabashedly ambitious, with a range of "global tapas" that incorporate ingredients and ideas from across the continents.

Scallops cooked in baby goat's milk, topped with foie gras and passion fruit reduction. This needed a bit more fine-tuning; the scallops were slightly too dry and the passion fruit reduction was too overpowering.

Salmon cubes cooked over lava stones with beetroot orange mash and foie gras oil. More than praise-worthy; the salmon was grilled lightly enough to retain all its moisture and flavour, blending exceptionally well with the creamy mash.

Gnocchi with lamb loin, sakura (cherry blossom) mix & young goat's cheese. Not a total success; the lamb was tasty enough, but the fried gnocchi was chewy, salty and oily.

Decent drinks here. We had no complaints with the Mojito and White Russian.

Neo Global Tapas & Luxe Lounge,

Jalan Sultan Ismail.
Tel: 2148-3700

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