National Geographic Cafe @ Lot 10

April 15, 2010

Now's the best time to check out the National Geographic store's in-house cafe, before the shopping mall crowds start flooding this oasis of calm.

The focus here is pinchos _ Spanish-influenced nibbles that are more affordably priced than the tapas at La Bodega and other similar outlets.

Tuna with chopped tomato. Fresh-tasting, like pretty much every platter here.

Guacamole with nachos. Creamy but light; better than versions at Tex-Mex outlets.

Olives and orange. A strange combo, but fans of olives might enjoy it. The orange strips provided a sweetness that helped to balance out the olives' saltiness.

Well-marinated prawn skewers. Reasonably juicy too.

Mixed veggie bruschetta, liberally doused with what seemed like olive oil.

Deep-fried Manchego cheese. Nicely prepared; crisp and not oily at all.

Mushroom bruschetta. Thick, warm and creamy; even someone like me who isn't a mushroom fan could relish this.

Not sure how satay found its way onto the menu, but this was nonetheless satisfactory. Tender, flavourful chicken, with ketupat and chunky peanut sauce.

Open-face salmon sandwich. Probably the heartiest item, perhaps also the healthiest.

Deep-fried feta cheese. Piping-hot and utterly addictive.

Roasted piquillo pepper bruschetta. Not spicy, but high in fibre.

Potato-stuffed omelette. Pure comfort food.

Watermelon with anchovies. The closest thing to dessert. Not as foul as it sounds.

Spanish beer & Sangria.

Wine is available by both the glass and the bottle. No cocktails so far though.

National Geographic Cafe,
Lot 10.