Mojo @ Heritage Row

October 7, 2011

After having survived for six years now, Mojo deserves some sort of award for outlasting so many other restaurants that have come & gone on Asian Heritage Row.

The vibe is kitschy, but the service is warm & the food is generally good. Yeah baby!

Spectacularly succulent beef ribs, boasting a rich flavor that made every bite blissful. This particular cow's sacrifice of its life was not in vain.

Rice, fried with salted egg, topped with egg & served with chicken & papadum. Competently prepared; not too oily, but reasonably moist & fragrant.

Crispy duck with plum sauce, chili oil, julienned spring onions, cucumber & homemade pancake wraps. Slightly too stringy, but that's a problem for this recipe at other outlets too.

Salmon-&-crab-&-potato cakes. Tasty enough, though the potatoes proved to be the dominant component, not the seafood.

Desserts are where Mojo shines. This Granny Smith apple crumble with cinnamon & ice cream was gorgeously luscious.

Cardamom spice-scented panna cotta, a nice change from the usual vanilla variety.

House-baked Belgian chocolate walnut brownies. Hot, fudge-filled & flavorful.

Wolf Blass Bilyara Chardonnay (Australia).

Green Ivy (tequila, midori, malibu, blue curacao, orange, sweet sour) & Mid Nite Sex (southern comfort, midori, orange juice, cranberry juice, ale).

Naughty Passion (gin, monin passion, sprite) & Woo Woo (vodka, peach, cranberry).

Mojorita (tequila, lime, mint leaves, monin passion) & Guinness Draft.

A final tip of the hat to the gone-but-not-forgotten restaurants that once made Heritage Row my favorite dining street: Mezza Notte, Cochine, Tokyo Tei, Kristao, Vanilla Box, Palacio, The Ivy, Senja, That Indian Thing & Atrium. Happy memories.

Asian Heritage Row, Kuala Lumpur.