Mitasu @ Central Plaza, Sultan Ismail

September 12, 2013

Relatively value-for-money Japanese dining: Mitasus all-you-can-eat offer for RM53.90+, which runs daily for dinner (plus lunch on weekends).

Foods served to order; freshness seems assured when customers request sashimi ...

... which showcases a selection of salmon, tuna, butter fish & sometimes, yellow tail.

Sushi can be topped with the likes of cooked shrimp & shrimp roe ...

... while rolls might be stuffed with substantial tuna, omelet & cucumber ...

... or simply with salmon, satisfactory enough to feel like a genuine a la carte order.

Havent had a California hand roll in ages; glad we had it here.

Salads? Not bad, but not memorable; that applies for both this crab stick one ...

... as well as this bowl topped with smoked duck.

Surprise! Who knew that these house-made Japanese cucumber pickles might be one of our favorite items here. Lovably juicy-crunchy.

Some will find the seasoned baby octopus worth savoring.

Oysters? Mitasus got em, available in their raw, slurp-worthy form ...

... or grilled with spinach & cod roe. We cant decide which version we like better.

Shrimp on ice; everythings well-presented, even when the kitchen is swamped with orders.

Tuna takaki, succulent enough to warrant ordering two or three portions.

Salmon head, also a pleasure, expertly executed.

Teriyaki salmon teppanyaki, slightly on the salty side, but still more than edible.

Prawn tempura. Decent, not bogged down by too much grease.

Ditto for the fried soft-shell crab ...

... as well as the battered squid tentacles ...

... & the bonito-topped octopus takoyaki.

Wheres the beef? Right here, both butteryaki-style ...

... & sukiyaki-style. Note that wastage charges apply here, so over-ordering is bad.

Still, we gotta have some carbs; the healthier choice is the cold buckwheat soba ...

... while the more sinful options the steaming-hot garlic fried rice.

Konnyaku jellys on top of the list for the dessert range ...

... but we also like the green tea & black sesame ice cream.

It bears repeating: RM53.90+ per person (RM38+ for senior citizens & RM28+ children).

Alas, sakes not included in the deal, but thats OK; no qualms about paying extra for alcohol.

Cocooned in Central Plazas basement, Mitasu is calm on weeknights, but for weekends, reservations are essential.

B-01, Central Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2110-2833