October 22, 2010

After visiting Millesime three times in the past week, we'll probably take a break from this outlet for awhile _ but we still can't stop licking our lips at the thought of future meals here.
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It's always a guessing game when the amuse bouche arrives at the table. This time, we were right when we half-shouted, "smoked salmon with cherry tomatoes!" (OK, obvious enough) Not our favorite starter though; seemed like something we'd find a bit too easily at a buffet counter.

Portobello mushrooms with parmesan & beef bresaola. The pillow-soft mushrooms were chunky and earthy, while the beef had a nice, lean saltiness, but the overall blend of tastes and textures was merely pleasant, nothing more.

Scallops sandwiched with tuna loin & baby yellow squash. The turning point for this meal; we'd have totally enjoyed the moist, perfectly cooked scallops on their own, but the fish (which tasted like cured meat) worked as a cushion of savoriness that made everything even better.

Freshwater yabbies with black truffle vinaigrette. Plump and juicy, with a natural sweetness complemented so completely and fittingly by the fragrant truffles.

Halibut fillet with snails in parsley cream. An addictive combo reminiscent of hearty, no-holds-barred French countryside cooking; not the healthiest fish recipe around, but we weren't here for healthy eating anyway, right?

Chopped duck breast, cooked in duck fat and stuffed in tomato. Guilt-inducing to the maximum level; succulent morsels of heavenly meat, glistening with aromatic sin.

Red wine beef cheeks & chardonnay grain mustard seed sauce. Also awesome, with a deep, rich flavor that enhanced our enjoyment of the meat's tender, chewing-optional texture.

Caramel sponge pudding with yogurt-basil ice cream. Does what any decent dessert should do, but this yogurt ice cream pops up a tad too frequently on the menu.

Richard Hamilton Hut Block Cabernet Sauvignon (McLaren Vale, 2006) .

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