Mei Keng Fatt @ Kuala Ampang

September 27, 2009

We headed here before the hordes of hungry patrons poured in after 7 pm.

Winter melon soup. Would be better if there were more seafood in this.

Kampung otak-otak beancurd. Crisp on the outside, soft and sweet inside.

Chilli crab. Is this Malaysian or Singaporean? Either way, an enjoyable recipe.

Marmite pork ribs. Not bad but not memorable. No more ordering Marmite dishes!

Beehoon kam heong crab. Less oil & salt would make this more pleasurable.

Braised pork trotter. Seemed overcooked, since the meat was too tough.

Mei Keng Fatt,
Off Jalan Awan, Kuala Ampang.
Tel: 4256-6491