Meatworks @ Solaris Mont Kiara

June 24, 2009

Beef is the raison d'etre of Meatworks, the final cog in a farming corporation that cultivates local cattle. If this restaurant and meat shop can resolve some teething problems with its menu, it has the potential to become one of Solaris Mont Kiara's top hot spots.

The sirloin was hearty and flavourful enough to satisfy our carnivorous cravings, though it could have been less chewy. Not the best steak in town, but reasonably priced.

Generous serving of tender pan-roasted quail. Now here's the current trouble (which the owner vows to fix soon): the menu often promises ingredients that never show up. The quail was meant to be accompanied by a spinach tart, but it came with mashed potatoes instead.

The milk-fed lamb was a succulent pleasure, but we can't help making comparisons: El Cerdo's Spanish version is still the one to beat.

The salmon was a letdown. Didn't quite taste like the freshest catch of the day.

Fish fans might prefer the cod. Flaky, moist & well-prepared, but kinda boring.

Alcohol isn't available here, but customers can bring their own wine or easily cross the street to Cold Storage to buy some (like we did). No corkage fee.

Solaris Mont Kiara.