Manhattan Steak House

June 15, 2011

Perhaps the closest thing to fine dining in Kelana Jaya, showcasing a surprisingly ambitious menu, sterling service and satisfyingly comfortable setting.

We checked out only one steak, but it was a triumph: a perfectly prepared 180-gram tenderloin, bolstered by a buttery blob of foie gras and dripping with a decadent mushroom ragout for a fully rounded flavor.

More carnivore bait: duck breast with Earl Grey orange glaze. Hearty and tender, but not a knockout. Tasted like the run-of-the-mill roast duck that many decent outlets serve.

Pumpkin fettuccine with caramelized onions & crumbled goat's cheese. Sounded promising on paper, but we had mixed feelings about this. Maybe a mild mozzarella would have worked better, instead of this potent goat's cheese that overpowered each bite.

Couscous tossed with chermoula-marinated chicken, olive oil, lemon juice, cucumbers, tomatoes & mint yogurt sauce. A beautifully refreshing salad, bursting with light, tangy flavors.

The salmon soup seemed more like shellfish bisque (maybe our order was mixed up). Fresh and hot, but not as thick and richly flavorsome as it could have been.

Seafood risotto. Hit the essential bullet points of this recipe: al dente, creamy and rich. But perhaps too predictable, laced simply with prawns & scallops.

Prosecco, to further lighten up an evening of hits, misses & kisses.

Peter Lehmann Barossa Weighbridge Shiraz '08 (Australia).

Manhattan Steak House,
Plaza Kelana Jaya.
Tel: 03-7876-5188