Mandi-Mandi @ Ampang

May 3, 2010

This poolside restaurant offers worthwhile Malay and Thai food in a jungle setting that's only a 15-minute drive from the city centre.

It's a calm, nearly mosquito-free environment with only one flaw: no air-conditioning (of course), so the humidity might be suffocating on some evenings.

Century egg & tomato salad. An inspired recipe, bursting with piquant flavours. Generous portions of century egg gave it a creamy twist.

Pucuk paku salad, comprising forest ferns, dried baby shrimp & dessicated coconut. Super-fresh greens with a terrific texture; not chewy, but not mushy either.

BBQ tomyam-infused chicken. Thankfully, the taste of tomyam was subtle, leaving us with tender chicken slices that weren't too sour or spicy.

BBQ Squid. A hearty helping. Not rubbery, but not really memorable either.

Yellow curry chicken with tapioca wedges. The tapioca was a nice change from the potatoes or eggplant that would have otherwise made this a typical curry.

Som Tam (bacardi oro, malibu, papaya, guava juice, gomme) & Pad Thai (vodka, lemongrass juice, muddled with ginger, basil & lime).

Full Moon Longan Love (white rum, triple sec, chambord, longan) & Cilantro (vodka muddled with cilantro leaves, lemon & lime, topped with white wine).

Jalan TAR, Ampang.

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