Malayas @ Capsquare

November 5, 2009

The latest addition to Capsquare is quite a gem, specializing in a vast variety of Malaysian food served in tapas portions, cooked on order and costing only an average of RM5 per plate. The outlet looks gorgeous, with mellow jazz wafting from its high-tech sound system. Service is sparkling and booze is abundant.

Golden fried cumi-cumi. Very crunchy, extremely tiny squid. A perfect snack.

Lamb kicap masala. Super-spicy; we should have asked for rice with this.

Udang goreng kunyit. Satisfactorily fresh and well-prepared.

Deep-fried ikan rebus. Way too salty; wouldn't order this again.

Confinement-period sesame oil ginger chicken. Our favourite for the evening, even though neither of us will ever be pregnant. We felt instantly healthier and perked up after wolfing down what seemed like a lovingly cooked, homemade soup.

Steamed kacang kuda "festival-style." A treat that brings back childhood memories.

Vegetable pakora. Crisp, lightly battered, not oily at all.

Rendang kerang. Very rich and santan-ish, this is a love-it-or-hate-it recipe.

Portuguese spiced grilled fish. Surprisingly good. Naturally moist and tender, with a fresh-from-the-ocean taste but without the overly fishy flavour.

There are also some hawker carb-fests that come in larger portions. The char kuey teow was very tasty for a halal version, though it would have been better with cockles.

Mee Mamak. No complaints for this, but no raves either.

Bloody Mary and Malayas cocktails.

Kumala Merlot. Evidence that Mee Mamak and Merlot can mingle.

Malayas Bistro,
Tel: 2691-1616