Magenta & My Elements @ Publika

September 25, 2012

Another week, another two or three more eateries emerge within Publika's culinary cocoon. Magenta and My Elements are both respectable entries to this mall; neither is extraordinary but both seem keen to cultivate cheerful eating experiences.

First up, Magenta. Sure, nitpickers might moan that the menu here plays it safe, but familiarity shouldn't breed culinary contempt; we'll always be thankful for well-prepared snails (RM12+), juicily grilled with parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs.

A thick, house-made beef patty lays the foundation for contented chewing, building a burger (RM25+) that's nakedly basic but unashamedly so.

Taking the something-for-everyone route, Magenta offers Asian favorites to complement its pastas and pies. We revere everything about this chicken rice, blessed with fantastically smooth, free-range meat and freshly blended chilies, except its hefty RM29+ price.

Magenta is run by the Santerri bakery business, so the sweet treats are worth sampling here, including the likes of carrot-walnut cakes and blueberry cheese ones. 

Terrific for a teatime tete-a-tete; we'd like to nibble this while sipping a cocktail, but Magenta stocks no liquor, not even beer.

Still, there's coffee of course; try a full-flavored Cagliari espresso (RM10+) ...

... or a latte, fulfilling for folks like us who prefer it firmly on the milky way.

Chai-spiced cold cocoa latte, a cross between a chocolate beverage and a tea-based one.

Dilmah Ceylon tea, with cute hourglasses to tell us how long to wait before slurping.

B-&-W family photos create a nice touch; can't say we love this place, but we like it enough.

A two-minute walk from Magenta: My Elements, where Italian fare constitutes the menu's core.

Broccoli soup with herbs and extra virgin olive oil. Tastes a tad too tomatoey for our preference, though for only RM10++, it's worth a try.

Beef carpaccio (RM24++), noteworthy for both moisture and flavor, but the mustard dressing might be more of a distracting liability than a delicious asset.

Stuff it! What we could recommend: My Elements' baked eggplant (RM16++), bristling with mushrooms, veggies and cheese ...

... and the capsicum (RM20++) brimming with rice, minced beef and garlic.

My Elements has a wider-than-expected wine list, so that's a plus point. Spot the decanter!

Magenta by San Terri,
G2-42, Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
My Elements Fusion Bistro,
D4-G3-5, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.