Luk Yu Tea House @ Starhill

April 2, 2010

A comfortable outlet to visit if you're craving dim sum at midnight.

Complimentary appetiser, combining some sort of crispy "ikan bilis"-like fish with slices of raw veggies & fruits in a sour-&-spicy sauce.

Glutinous rice with whole abalone. Irresistibly decadent; the soft, flavoursome rice blended perfectly with the melt-in-the-mouth abalone.

Fresh-tasting prawns coated in nuts & wasabi sauce. A terrific mix of tastes and textures.

Fried noodles with prawns. Absolutely addictive; thankfully, this wasn't greasy or mushy _ the main pitfalls for fried noodles.

Well-prepared Shanghainese "pot-sticker" dumplings, with juicy minced pork stuffing and reasonably crisp skin that wasn't burnt or overly stiff.

Stir-fried sliced beef. Tender, flavour-packed meat with crispy crullers.

Seafood porridge. Tasted comfortingly warm and nutritious, with enough slices of fish and prawns to surmount the blandness that often afflicts porridge.

Chrysanthemum eight treasures tea.

Luk Yu Tea House,

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