Like Mom @ Plaza Damas & Namoo @ Publika

July 25, 2012

Determinedly seeking Korean desserts, let's head to Like Mom at Plaza Damas and return to Namoo On The Park in Publika, both cheerfully Korean-run cafes with fun names.
Earlier entry on Namoo: July 19, 2012.

Like Mom's sweet potato and green tea muffins, dense in texture and delicate in taste.

A multitude of house-made cookies is sold here, with flavors like cinnamon and poppy seed.

Patbingsu, a summer snack of shaved ice topped with plenty of sweetened azuki beans, evocative of Malaysian ais kacang (though patriotism compels us to say we prefer the latter).

Like Mom's proprietors are proud of their coffee; one sip makes it clear why.

Only caveat: Like Mom is closed during dinnertime ...

... so that's the time to hop over to Solaris Dutamas, where Namoo opens for a few hours longer.

Namoo's sweeping selection includes a mousse-like sweet pumpkin and tofu cake that might be the least sinful, most natural-tasting cake we've tasted this year.

Carb attack! Yaksik, steamed glutinous rice, seasoned with brown sugar and mixed with chestnuts and pine nuts. Traditionally eaten at Korean weddings and festivals, but available all year round at Namoo.

Yang Geng, jelly-like tidbits with flavors reminiscent of beans. Or of nature or something.

Yakgwa, sweet, crunchy biscuits made of honey, sesame and wheat flour.

Getting hot and heavy: Mat-tang, an addictive ensemble of honey-glazed sweet potato, pumpkin and nuts. Steaming, starchy and sugary; we can't stop snacking!

Beverages, an acquired taste: sweet potato latte and rice wine yogurt cocktail.

Cutesy touches for a cute cafe.

Like Mom,
E-0-5, Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Namoo On The Park,
4A, Level G3, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.