Kim Ma

November 27, 2011

One of the quietest Chinese restaurants ever, but well worth visiting for its wide range of both classic & contemporary recipes.

Szechuan chicken 'ravioli.' More like wonton or sui kow instead of ravioli. Still, it's deftly done & not too spicy, with flavorsome minced meat encased in delicate dough skin.

Stewed 'Shanghai' duck in claypot. A generous portion of reasonably tender fowl, with a subtle infusion of Chinese herbs.

King prawns with flat egg noodles in lobster broth. Not as stellar as hawker versions of sang har meen, but sufficient to satiate crustacean cravings.

More prawns, coated in coconut milk & cheese. Could comfort food be more cholesterol-laden?

Crispy ginseng milk with baked banana & citrus sauce. A sweet sensation; the perfect combo of light, crisp batter enveloping soft, silky cream.

Trio Conchay Toro Chardonnay (Chile). Wine is available by the glass, thankfully.

Kim Ma,
Palace of the Golden Horses.

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