Jyu Raku @ Subang Jaya

October 2, 2009

The competition on this street is fierce, with four Japanese outlets within striking distance of each other. Jyu Raku holds its own with fairly decent fare.

Jyu Raku Roll. Salmon sashimi, egg omelette, salmon roe and other stuff wrapped in rice paper. Nice mix of tastes and textures.

Jyu Raku salad, labeled a Japanese yee sang. A hearty bowl that could satisfy two or three people. Plenty of goodies within, from assorted sashimi to unagi and marinated octopus.

Marinated hotaru squid and raw octopus with wasabi sauce. The squid had a weird, briny, almost foul flavour ... but we still liked it.

Rice paper roll of eel and avocado. Kinda tasted like soggy popiah.

Grilled oysters with mushrooms in a special sauce. Fresh and flavourful. Wish we could have ordered more of these.

Boiled taraba crab pressed sushi. Bland and overpriced. Skip this.

Jyu Raku,
Jalan SS15/5A, Subang Jaya.
Tel: 5633-3819