Inside Africa

February 29, 2012

Wood carvings, sculptures, lamps, even ornamental ostrich eggs _ African art takes center stage at Inside Africa, a Petaling Jaya poolside crafts shop & cafe.

Simple South African snacks are the highlight. Call in advance if you plan to order the "braai broodjie," a barbecued sandwich packed with cheese, tomatoes & onions. Sounds simple, but it really satisfies, thanks to its toasty, flavorful feel.

Also worthwhile: "vetkoek" fried pastry stuffed with spicy chicken, kinda like a cross between a doughnut & a curry puff.

For a rich dessert, hop to Out Of Africa a few meters away for the Cape Brandy Pudding _ a hot, densely rich South African date cake with brandy syrup & walnuts.

South African Rooibos bush tea to soothe our souls.

Inside Africa only serves beer, but Out Of Africa boasts these boozy concoctions: Dom Pedro (kahlua, milk, ice cream _ like the best alcoholic milkshake ever) & Amarula Cream Liquor.

South African wine: the Bellingham Chardonnay.

Mama Cafe @ Inside Africa,
PJ Palms Sports Center, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7960-0025