Il Tempio @ Taman TAR, Ampang

May 14, 2010

Click here for previous review of Il Tempio (Jan. 22).

Grilled Muscovy duck breast with slow-cooked butternut squash, baked portobello mushroom & pan-fried Belgian endive. The meat was lean and flavourful, but chewy.

Braised Wagyu beef cheek with white truffle deep-fried creamy polenta & glazed onions. Excellent; the beef had a robust taste and was fork-tender.

Oven-baked Norwegian salmon with poppy-seed crust, braised fennel, tartar of snow peas & citrus powder. Slightly too salty, but we liked how the main courses came with accompaniments that were well thought out and nicely prepared.

Amaretto & almond creme brulee with grilled Sarawak pineapple & raspberry yogurt sauce. The amaretto provided an alcoholic kick and the almond a nutty punch.

Soft chocolate tart with passion fruit sauce, vanilla foam & saffron ice cream. Not bad, but not memorable (though the foam was comfortingly creamy).

Il Tempio,
Taman TAR, Ampang.