Il Lido

October 14, 2010

Il Lido is serving Italian white truffles flown in from Alba on a special menu this month _ a gastronomic treat that shouldn't be missed.

Priced at about RM25++ per gram (market rates fluctuate), the truffles are freshly grated on each dish only when it's brought to the table (one or two grams are sufficient each time). The chef has crafted simple recipes that enable the truffles to shine, including homemade tagliolini with sour cream butter.

Buffalo ricotta cheese ravioli with a runny egg yolk. The truffles add a delicately nutty aroma and an earthy flavor that's reminiscent of garlic, but much more subtle.

Three-year-old aged Parmigiano cheese flan. Creamy comfort food that tastes almost rustic, thanks to the nearly paper-thin truffle shavings.

Duck broth risotto with shredded duck confit. White truffles are reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities, but truth be told, these ones seemed to have only a mild effect.

Prosecco makes the world go round (and round and round).

Peach Bellini & Strawberry Rossini at the rooftop bar.

Il Lido,
Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.