Ikuzo Ramen

April 10, 2012

A Ramen Revolution is erupting in SS2, where Ikuzo has started serving the Klang Valley's widest, most wallet-friendly range of ramen.

It's a hip-looking space here, filled with eye-catching posters _ a casual, comfortable spot for friends & families to gather.

Izuko's cute menu: its ramen, made of rye flour, comes in original & spicy flavors (KFC, eh?), thin or thick in size. Customers can pair the variations with a choice of MSG-free broth.

Searching for a steal? This cha-shu ramen in shoyu-based broth with five slices of cha-shu, spring onions & seaweed costs RM8.90 (no service charge) _ less than half of what we'd be paying at Santouka, Marutama & other high-profile outlets.

Hokkaido ramen (RM8.50), with cha-shu, bamboo shoots, spinach, bean sprouts & sweet corn in miso soup. Though the soups are made with pork & chicken bones boiled for hours, they're not as deeply savory & richly satisfying as the best ones out there. Addictive, but not amazing.

Curry ramen, with spicy-red noodles & breaded pork fillet. Wish the eggs were the seasoned ones instead of being only hard-boiled, but for RM7.90, we can't complain.

Ginger green tea, root beer with rice-infused ice cream & green tea yuzu float.

Other ramen options include seafood, black sesame soup, beef kimchi & stir-fried. Side dishes are also available at populist prices: five pieces of gyoza cost RM3.50.

Ikuzo Ramen,
52, Jalan SS 2/61, Petaling Jaya.
Open daily, 10am-11pm.