April 13, 2009

Foie gras, soft shell crab and salmon roe in Malay cuisine? 
Ibunda makes a bold attempt to reinvent kampung cooking. And no, it's not pretentious if the food tastes fabulous. 

It's a fine-looking place at an excellent location, but we have a suggestion: lower the food prices! The main courses are head-spinningly expensive.

Welcome drinks and amuse bouche of serunding (meat floss) crackers.

Ketam lembut buah delima (soft shell crab with pomegranate salad).

Grilled catfish with salmon roe and some unidentifiable foam.

Hati itik buah ciku (pan-fried foie gras with ciku in kiwi coriander dressing).

Very tender grilled duck wrapped with sliced beef and asparagus.

Imping padi (pounded rice) with cardamom chilli plum sauce and cranberry chutney.

Ikan sultan kukus halia kekacang (steamed wild river fish with prawns, organic beans, mushrooms, shrimp paste and ginger garlic sauce).

Some kinda complimentary fruit pudding.

Jalan Bukit Bintang.
Tel: 2142-4115