Iberian Foie Gras @ Chalet, Equatorial Kuala Lumpur

May 10, 2010

Chalet's monthly promo for May focuses on foie gras _ the highlight is the liver of Spain's Iberian geese, which are not force-fed; instead, these uncaged geese roam the woodlands, fattening their livers naturally by gorging on figs, acorns & olives before the annual migration season.

This liver, known as "Ganso Iberico," is generally available for only a few months each year. Chalet serves it as a terrine with cumberland sauce, rocket, glazed apple & candied walnuts. Less creamy than regular foie, it seems more like mousse, with a milky flavour. Expensive at RM280++ per plate, but worth trying if your tastebuds feel jaded.

Pan-fried medallion of goose foie gras from China. We can't tell the difference between Chinese-produced foie and French ones (comparatively, France is said to be the source of 80 percent of the world's foie, while China makes 1 percent).

Duck liver from Perigord, with onion marmalade & blueberries in port wine glaze.

Tokay wine-marinated truffled French goose foie gras on berry compote. The liver is somehow stuffed with black truffles inside, enabling us to savour both foie gras and truffles in every bite. There's barely any need to heap those truffle shavings on the liver.

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