Hummingbirds revised 2

June 5, 2011

Hummingbirds beckons anew, baking a fresh batch of creative treats for June.
Earlier entries on Hummingbirds: May 19 & May 28.

This month's special: wasabi cupcakes, to complement Hummingbirds' wasabi macarons. With a wasabi-infused white chocolate frosting to top a banana-flavored base, this one is deliciously quirky enough to breathe new life into the old cupcake fad. Timid customers can choose the chocolate cream cheese cupcake instead.

The latest assortment of macarons is also marvelous, especially the flavor-packed triumvirate of peanut butter, caramel & Earl Grey tea.

Garden Cake: a flourless dark chocolate variety, lusciously lined with Chantilly cream & cranberries and aromatically topped with toasted nuts.

An eye-catching rainbow-patterned cake, similar in taste and texture to a red velvet. There still isn't a name for this cake, although Hummingbirds is taking customers' suggestions (which range from 1Malaysia Cake to Gay Pride Cake).

Oatmeal carrot walnut cake, for a relatively healthier option. Moist and hearty, but not as rich as Hummingbirds' other offerings.

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