Hit & Mrs @ Kurau, Bangsar: Part II

November 30, 2012

Hit & Mrs: Part Two. Earlier entry: November 29.

BIG on flavor: Brie, soy & barley _ throw them together, they taste terrific!

Rock melon soup with port wine. A liquor lover's dream made liquid, cold & refreshing.

 Sumptuous things come in threes: scallops, super-soft potato confit & smoky paprika.

Lamb, peas & barley, another three-dimensional flight of gastronomic fancy. Every component complements each other really, really well.

This one is out of this world: chicken receives the royal treatment, more succulent than most, with a one-of-a-kind "trufflondaise," like hollandaise sauce abundantly aromatic with black truffles, cushioned with quinoa. 

Finishing with a flourish: ultra-creamy lemon custard with raspberries. 

Even tiramisu is served impressively here, with mixed berry sabayon. 

Peanut butter alert! It's peanut butter ice cream, rich & flavor-packed, with thick chocolate.

 Cocktails here are excellent. Ramos Fizz (gin, lime, lemon, sugar, cream, egg white, orange blossom water, vanilla, soda).

Waterloo (gin, campari, watermelon, simple syrup, lemon). 

Luis Filipe Edwards Reserva Camenere, RM24++ by the glass. 

Hit & Mrs by The BIG Group,
15, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282-3571