Grappa @ Avenue K Kuala Lumpur

February 2, 2010

Here's hoping this Italian outlet can breathe new life into Avenue K's woeful dining scene.

Chicken liver with lemon vinaigrette. We're major fans of liver, so this was a must-order. The liver could have been more tender, but it was crisply battered and bursting with enough flavour to make each bite worth savouring.

Seafood stew. Fairly fresh mussels, squid, clams, prawns and fish, swimming in a thick broth with the full-bodied taste of tomatoes and garlic.

Charbroiled beef rump striploin with sweet onion beef jus. Generously topped with chunks of beef, but the bread was too chewy to complement the meat.

Linguine quattro formaggi, with four cheeses & walnuts. Unmemorable; the pasta was well-prepared, but it was let down by the weak, bland sauce.

Pan-fried cod with potato tart & orange fondue. An interesting recipe, but not quite successful, since the cod wasn't as moist as we would have preferred.

Oven-baked chicken breast with creamy veggie risotto. Reasonably juicy meat, nicely accompanied by a risotto that carried the surprising scent of saffron.

Lamb cutlets with polenta & mint reduction. Our favourite; sensationally succulent and flavoursome meat, with a medium-rare bloodiness to fulfill our carnivorous cravings.

Salisbury Semillon Chardonnay (Australia).

Riunite Lambrusco (Italy).

Ground Floor (near Quattro), Avenue K.