Go Gourmet revised 2

July 16, 2011

Our salad days have returned, thanks to Go Gourmet's solid salad selection that includes a very hearty Caesar with salmon.
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Simple but satisfying: rocket leaves & shaved parmesan in balsamic vinaigrette.

Roast chicken, avocado & grilled Mediterranean veggies with pine nuts.

Classic Nicoise salad, featuring mesclun with tuna, eggs, olives, onions & beans. With Go Gourmet's prompt delivery time, the salads arrive fairly fresh, suffering scant compromise in flavor.

Asian salads are also available: salmon sashimi, crab stick & ebiko in miso dressing.

Three Thai options, starting with a crispy prawn & pomelo salad.

Young papaya salad with dried shrimp. Too much chili in this one left us panting.

Larb kai (minced chicken salad with roasted rice). Oh, woe: more spiciness!

Kanonkop Kadette (South Africa, 2008), from wineactually.com.

Go Gourmet,
Kuala Lumpur.