Go Gourmet revised

July 9, 2011

Go Gourmet: Round Three. It's all about seafood this time.
Earlier entries: Nov. 4, 2010 & June 25, 2011.

Go Gourmet's mixed sashimi platter is decent, with reasonably thick, fresh-tasting slices of salmon, tuna & yellowtail costing RM28.

Other types of fish are available too, all cooked. The barramundi goujons were a bit fast-foodish, reminiscent perhaps of something that Long John Silver's might serve. But they were addictive and (thankfully) not too greasy.

Can't really complain about the sea bass steamed with lime, garlic, coriander & chili. The fish was firm and fleshy, though perhaps not as flavorsome as expected.

Of course, all that lives in water isn't fish _ certainly not soft-shell crab, prepared Thai-style here with basil & chili . A massive, crunchy helping, enough for two or three to enjoy, even though it wasn't piping-hot.

"Chiew yim" squid, tossed in garlic & fragrant salt. Guilt-inducingly greasy.

Eel isn't elusive (OK, so unagi is actually freshwater, but never mind that). The unagi teriyaki bento box is decent, though at only RM24, this isn't top-notch unagi. Similar instead to what a respectable shopping mall sushi outlet might serve.

King prawns fried with eggs. So there we have it; not only does Go Gourmet serve all manner of water-dwelling creatures, it does so in a variety of styles, from Chinese and Japanese to Indian and Thai.

Chandon Prestige Cuvee 2002, thanks to rebeccasaw.com. Delicious!

Go Gourmet,
Kuala Lumpur.